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We strive every day to the full satisfaction of the customer and to meet all his needs

• consolidated Shipments to and from the major and most common destinations in Europe, America and the Far East
• Management consignments subject to letters of credit
• Customs clearance and delivery within 24 hours of goods arriving in the main Italian airports

We ensure customs clearance and delivery in a very short time.

• shipping containers fcl box, high cube, open top, flat rack and reefer to and from the main ports in the world with a yield fob and cif exworks.

• Shipments in groupage lcl all sea or mixed sea / air to and from various destinations.

• Customs clearance and fast delivery of containers arriving in the main Italian ports.

For market research and mediations, and for international consultations, we are able to identify quickly what is the best solution for imports or exports.

Moreover, thanks to the extensive network of contacts and we can boast a thirty-year experience, we can ensure investigations of any commodity sector and gender.

• Research, mediation, consulting international

• Supplies merchandise of all kinds

We can offer solutions for any kind of international consulting. For over thirty years' in fact we deal with international marketing, both in terms of shipments that trading and, thanks to its experience in the field and extensive network of contacts, we are able to support any kind of request, such example

• Classification categories, tariff headings

• Documentation for opening credits.

• Triangular trade for imports and exports

• Updates on international trade regulations.

We continue to expand our agents and correspondents around the world and currently assure excellent local services in:


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